In-House Testing Facilities

Quality assurance is ensured by a written assurance program that includes following testing and inspection.

Chemical Testing Optical Emission Spectro meter
Mechanical Computerized Universal Testing Machine ( 400KN)
NDT Radiography & Digital UT
DPT Defect Detection
MPI Crack detection
Impact Digital ‘V’ notch charpy up to -196°C
Certification ISO 9001 : 2008 , PED & AD 2000 W0 Merkblatt, NORSOK, IBR
Hardness Testing HRC, HRB
Profile Projector V-Notch Checking

Our quality assurance program resulted in certification to ISO-9001-2008

Every product at our works undergoes stringent quality checkup at every stage which includes :

Chemical Testing

Chemical testing is done in house using Optical, Emission, Spectrometer. Spectromaxx – Germany make capable of analyzing 30 elements including nitrogen and calibrated as per approved procedure.

Radiographic Testing

Facility for conducting Radiography using iridium 192 & Cobalt -60 source like Radiography Exposure Room Approved By AERB , Dark Room , Evaluation Room , Reference Radiographs (E446) is available in house. Shooting and evaluation of the Radiography films is done by approved and qualified ASNT level - III & level - II Technicians as per Relevant standard in house

Required facilities as dark room. Iridium source RGT room etc. is available.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

A 1500 AMPS PROD type Magnetic Practical Inspection machine using WET method for inspection of the casting and evaluation of Magnetic Practical Inspection is done by approved and qualified ASNT level - II technicians as per relevant standards in house.

Dye Penetrate Testing

Solvent Soluble Penetrant , developer is used for examination of the casting and evaluation of DPT is done by approved and qualified ASNT level - II technicians as per relevant standards.

Ultrasonic Flow Detector Machine

Model- DS-322, Make-EEC

Computerized UTM Machine With Extensometer

With front end open cross head and Hydraulic Grips , Make-FSA, Model- TUF-C-400KN

Capacity- 400KN

With Electronic Extensometer -Make-FASNE, Model-FEE5

Plug & Play device along with software. Can be directly fitted to your president panels of FAS make Equipment with 0.2% , 0.5% & 1.0 % Proof test

Digital Impact Testing machine

For ISO, BS Std. ( For Charpy test ) , Make- FASNE, Model- AIT 300 ISO (D)

Capacity- 300J

Digital Portable Hardness Testing

Make- TIME Group Inc.

Model-TH 130

Optical Profile Projector

Make- OSC, Mode- VN 200

Screen Size: 200MM dia.

Sr. No. Equipment Capacity Number of equipments
1 Spectrometer 30 Elements 01
2 UTM ( Computerized) With Extensometer 400 KN 01
3 Impact Testing( Digital) – V Charpy 0 – 300 J 01
4 Pyrometer 1700 deg C 02
5 Hardness Tester HRB / HRC 01
6 Profile Projector 20 X Zoom 01
7 Ultrasonic - Digital - 01
8 Magnetic Particle Testing HWDC 1500 AMP Wet 01
9 Radiography Ir-292 for70 mm thick
Co-60 For 70 mm Above
10 Dye Penetration - 01
11 Measuring tools - 08 +
12 Muffle Furnace - 01
13 Mold /Core hardness Tester - 01
14 Compressive Strength Machine 60 Kg/cm2 01
15 Sieve Shaker - 01
16 Permeability Meter - 01
17 Temperature Indicator - 01
18 Temperature controller 1400°C 06
19 Thermocouple K and R type 10