Facilities include a machine shop for manufacture of patterns and pattern rigging, two coreless medium frequency, furnaces, OMEGA molding line, compaction table for molds cores, 72" in shot blasting table machines, Alumina grit blast machine, HDPE tanks for pickling, passivation of Stainless Steel castings and adequate material molding facilities.

Sr. No. Items Capacity
1 Induction Furnace – 450 KW Medium Frequency 1.5 Tons
2 Induction Furnace – 450 KW Medium Frequency 1.0 Tons
3 Induction Furnace – 450 KW Medium Frequency 0.5 Tons
4 OMEGA Molding line 24.0Tons /Hrs.
5 OMEGA Reclamation plant 6.0 Tons/ Hrs.
6 Mechanical Molding with Compaction table. 1.0 Tons
7 Ladles (bottom pouring ) Total-08 Nos. 0.2T, 0.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T
8 Knock Out Plant 5.0 Tons/Hrs.
9 Shot Blasting 72” table 7.0 Tons/Hrs.
10 Heat Treatment Furnace Gas fired – Three numbers 3.0 Tons & 4.0 Tons
11 Pickling and Passivation – HDPE Tanks 5000 Liters
12 EOT Cranes- 07 Nos. 10 Tons, 7.5 Tons
13 Alumina Grit blast machine. 12 Tons/ Hrs.
Modernization and Expansion of Foundry
New Piece Weight Range Min 35.0 Kg / Pc And Max 2300.0 Kg / Pc
New Molding Line Plc Controlled Omega Molding Line
New Molding Process Two Part No Bake System – Alfa Set Self Setting Molding System
New Mixer Continous Mixer Plant With A Capacity Of 24 Tons / Hrs. Capacity
Reclamation Plant New Plant With 6.0 Tons / Hrs Capacity
Laboratory Spectro Meter, New Computerised Utm , Digital Impact & Profile Projector Machine
Melting New Induction Furnace Of 700.0 Kg / Hrs. Capacity
Heat Treatment New Png Gas Fired Fully Mechanized Heat Treatment Furnace With 3tons & 4 Tons Operated By Single Operator, Heat Treatment Calibration To Be Carried Out As Per Annex-B, Api-6a & Traced To Respective Ht Recorded Chart .
New Capacity Of Foundry New Production Capacity - 250.0tons / Month UTILISED CAPACITY - 175.0 TONS / MONTH
Ped And Ad 2000 W0 Merkblatt Awarded By Tuv
Ibr Wellknown Foundry Cbb
Norsok ( M-650 & M-630, Gr. 4a, 5a, 6a) Awarded By Dnv